Self Care Series Part 1: What is Self Care?

My mission for this blog is to help readers live bigger lives. This means growth and development at an intellectual and spiritual level, which can only be done with a solid bedrock of wellness, achieved through self care. When your mind is tied up with stress, health issues and exhaustion, there is no space for the creativity you need to [...]

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5 religion happiness hacks for the non-religious

I’ve finally caved and written a listicle. It is a long-form listicle, but a listicle all the same. Yes, I still want to maintain the integrity of the blog as a forum for open intellectual discussion. But I found as I was writing that naturally, this particular post emerged as a series of ideas related to a common theme. Realising [...]

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A Happiness Framework

Every so often I have the spark of an idea which hasn't yet fully formed into an article or reflection piece. Some ideas (like this one!) are big, broad-stroke conceptual frameworks and others just little thoughts and 'ponderings'! I am putting these little ideas out in the world in the hope of better understanding where I am close to the [...]

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Be more busy: When standing still leads to burnout

In the self-help world, there are an abundance of techniques prescribed to help you to press pause, take time for yourself to rest and to take a step back from stressful jobs. And it seems all roads lead ultimately to: meditation. Meditation is fast becoming a catch-all, cure-all panacea as the western world is jumping on the meditation bandwagon and [...]

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